Five Ways to Celebrate a Birthday While Socially Distancing

Mon 20th July, 2020

In actual fact - during these trying times, a HAPPY birthday is exactly what you need!

While Covid19 is still amidst us - we’ve all had to get used to a sort of “new normal”. However just because things are different, it doesn’t mean that you or a loved one don’t deserve a special birthday. In actual fact - during these trying times, a HAPPY birthday is exactly what you need!

Throw A Drive-By Party

Drive by party

The drive-by party idea originated in lockdown and has since become increasingly popular. A little drive-by is an excellent way to celebrate yours or a loved one’s birthday! Have your family and friends drive past your house or show up in your driveway with homemade treats, banners and presents. On your part - you could leave some delicious treats (in individual packages) out for your “guests”.

Remember to maintain social distancing and wear your mask!

Celebrate with a Picnic

birthday picnic during lockdown

A socially-distanced picnic party is an amazing way to celebrate a birthday! They say the best things in life are free, and one of the things we love most about London is its beautiful parks - there for all to enjoy. Get your guests to pack their picnic baskets and meet at a park to spread out their blankets and celebrate the guest of honour.

All from a safe distance of course!

A Drop-Off of Flowers

drop off lockdown flowers

Flowers are always a great idea! Flowers never fail to bring a smile to the receivers face. Drop off as many flowers as you and the other “guests” can afford - and when your loved ones open their front door - they’re sure to be ecstatic by the surprise!

Book a Food Truck

lockdown food truck London

Feel like you still want to be able to see your friends and want to celebrate with food and drinks? Make that possible by renting a food truck! Have the food truck park in your driveway and your friends and family can get their fixes.

Make sure to maintain good social distancing practices though!

Plan a Staycation

Still, feeling a bit nervous about socialising in any way and just want to be able to wind down with your partner? Then a staycation is exactly what you need! Pick a picturesque spot where you can relax and take a walk or do a little shopping to celebrate your birthday in style! In fact - at New Linden, we’re offering guests the best rate guaranteed when booking through our website and a 24-hour-no-questions-asked cancellation fee.

What are you waiting for? Get booking!