​Ways to Support The Travel and Tourism Industry During the Coronavirus Crisis

Thu 18th March, 2021

For years, the travel and tourism industry has been playing a huge part in bolstering economies across the globe. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, international and even local travel has taken a plunge. Borders have been closed and flights have been grounded. COVID-19 has increasingly derailed communities, businesses and livelihoods across the globe. The question that many are asking is, how can we do our part to help these industries right now?

What Can I Do Right Now

  • Choose Delivery Options

Continue supporting your favourite restaurants and businesses and opting for no-contact deliveries from them. Don’t forget to tip well!

  • Consider Gift Vouchers As Gifts

Those around you miss travelling and getting away just as much as you do! Purchase gift vouchers or gift cards for future hospitality visits (hotels, spa’s etc) when things are safer.

What Can I Do Once Things Are Safer

  • Book A Trip As Soon As It’s Safe

While vaccine roll-outs are still in their initial phase, it’s still not the safest idea to travel, as half the world is still under lockdown. However, restrictions are expected to be lifted soon. Once things are safer, you can assist the travel industry by booking a trip as soon as possible - even if it’s just a couple of hours away and within driving distance.

  • Tip Generously

Once travel and venturing out is on the cards again, make sure to tip workers more generously than before. For example, top doormen, hotel maid service and restaurant servers generously. These workers have likely been unable to work for the better part of the year, so they’ll highly appreciate your generosity as they get back on their feet.

  • Consider Renting A Car For A Road Trip

Like many other transportation industries, the car rental industry has been left reeling. If you want to help, consider booking a car rental for your next trip. Deals should be plentiful, and renting a car can improve your comfort.

  • Share Travel Photos on Social Media and Tag Businesses

Once travel is deemed safe, share your pictures on social media to let people know you’re exploring a new destination and getting out to see the world. Remember to tag the hotel and restaurants etc. you’re visiting so other people can be encouraged to support them as well.

  • Help Spread the Word

booking.com 2021Carrying on from the previous trip, you can also help spread the word that travel is safe by leaving reviews for our favourite hotels and restaurants and by telling your friends and family.

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